Weekends are never long enough!

With the weekend less than twenty four hours away I’m really looking forward to Friday night. The astronomy club is host to a chap called Greg Smye-Rumsby and he is giving a talk about Pluto, no not Mickeys dog, the former planet. So that should be Interesting, plus I’ll have the chance to catch up with the brilliant people who go along to AAS and, hopefully, get to see one of my mates’ new ‘scope, sadly the weather forecast isn’t too promising and I’m debating on whether to take my scope along. To be honest it’s a bit bulky to carry to work and then transport to Woodchurch and not be able to use it. On the other hand the weather has an uncanny knack of clearing over the village for the last Friday of the month.

Saturday is shop day, something else I’m looking forward to, my attendance has been somewhat lacking for several weeks and the lads have started to wonder if I’m quitting. Hopefully the talk of my tau army actually being painted should go some way to allay their concerns. Even if I were to stop going to the shop on Saturdays I don’t think I would pass my armies on, I’ve put far too much effort into them to the painting to get rid of the models, plus I do think I’d still get the odd game in now and then with Smiffy. What I would really like is a weekly gaming group that has a couple of full size tables and runs on a Sunday, not completely sure that Trudes would be too happy with me taking every Sunday out to satisfy my 40k craving but one can live in hope.

Sunday is going to be a quiet one, I think Trudes is planning to pay her son a visit so I shall have a completely chilled day snuggling with the pups and catching up with crap TV. There may also be a spot of painting.

Since I’ve mentioned the pups, there has been a development, Trudes, and I suppose me, has officially adopted Richie. There were concerns that the PTB’s at TLDR would want to re-foster him which would result in us losing him, not something that I would allow to happen, the effect it would have on Trudes would be very detrimental to her health, so that simply cannot be permitted to happen. The adoption means that he is ours and that no one can take him away from us.

So there you have it, what will hopefully be an enjoyable weekend and a happily ever after as far as the pups are concerned.

Until next time!


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  1. Brilliant news with Richie. 🙂

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