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Peeps, pups and Vikings

It’s been an odd weekend, Friday was very busy for herself, she went shopping for the grub for Saturday, I got invited to go into Folkestone for a few beers with some bloomin’ good mates. I must admit that I felt a bit of a heel at the thought of leaving herself to sort everything out, but she pointed out that she would probably get on with things if I weren’t getting in her way. Taking this as a cue to leave her to get on with it, I got the next bus down and made my way to Chambers. They were holding their annual beer festival, the first drink of the day was a (not very) lemon cider, to be honest I don’t really like cider much; I used to drink it a lot in my younger days, so it didn’t really grab me. My second drink was a pint of Strawberry Fruli, this stuff is incredible. It can only be described as a melted strawberry mivvi that has fermented just a little bit to become a strawberry flavoured lager, I say strawberry flavoured, what I mean is, being clouted firmly around the head with a punnet of strawberries that has cunningly been disguised as an alcoholic drink, you really can’t taste the alcohol. It was then decided to head down to the Pullman, a place that I haven’t been to for many years, mainly based on the reputation that the pub had, it was always a bit of a chav bin. Fortunately the reputation has been lost and it seems to be a decent place to sit and chat whilst enjoying a pint. I was studying the pump labels when it was pointed out to me that they sold my favourite beer, Doombar. I have to admit that I really like this ale, so I had a pint. We headed into the beer garden where we sat and talked and told lame jokes, and I had another half of DB. All too soon the afternoon came to an end and I headed home.

Saturday morning I woke with a start, quite literally as herself came bursting into my room, loudly informing me that it was five to nine, she scared the pants of me, well my PJ’s actually. I let out a bit of a yell, although she says I screamed like a girl. To that I say PAH! Last minute sorting was done in anticipation of the arrival of Clare, Neil and their pups JD and Max. They arrived at eleven and we had a cuppa and Clare handed Trudes a bag full of goodies, at we point she got all blubby, the great girl! Ronnii was extremely well behaved, she only growled a little bit, the most surprising of these was when Clare tried to help Ronnii onto the sofa, I can only put it down to the fact that there was new people and two strange pups in the house. JD & Max are lovely pups and so different, JD was content to lay on the sofa and take in all the events going on around him, A quiet retiring little chap but not unfriendly, in fact quite the opposite. Max on the other hand is very curious and explored the house and garden and followed Ronnii everywhere, but he too is very friendly and gentle. Trudes bought out some frozen yoghurt and peanut butter treats for the pups and the Schnauzers tucked straight in, Max made very short work of his and realising that his brother appeared to be having difficulties, he offered to help. JD didn’t bat an eyelid, he just looked at Max nicking his treat and let him get on with it. The treat was retrieved and put back in JDs’ bowl and he wasted no time in preventing Max from having another go at pilfering his treat. Shortly after this the pups were treated to a slice of Ronniis birthday cake. It was quite a remarkable looking thing, if you weren’t told that it was made specifically for dogs you wouldn’t have known, it looked quite yummy and our two canine guests soon cleared their bowls. Sadly Clare, Neil and the pups had to leave and set off back to Clacton. It was so nice to meet them all, I was impressed by the good behaviour of the pups and Clare and Neil are extremely nice people, it was a bit saddening to see them leave.

Later that day a contingent of friends from Folkestone and Ashford arrived, and we had a good time chatting and enjoying the sun. A friend from Dover also dropped in and it was nice to see him, even if he has had an extreme haircut.

The time that we spent with our friends was far too short over the weekend and the house was restored to just Trudes, me and Ronnii, so she said that I could watch Doctor Who. I’d been looking forward to this for about two months, and for me it wasn’t disappointment. The episode started off with a bang and delivered the highs and lows we have come to expect from the series, I can’t wait to see the next episode.

Sunday was nice and relaxed; herself had gone off to Thame for a dog show and to catch up with friends from the rescue. I stayed at home with Ronnii and caught up with a few hours of mind numbing TV and sleep on the sofa snuggled up with my pup, bless her!

Monday was very quiet, Trudes was recovering from the excitement of the dog show, fortunately she had a brilliant time, but it had worn her out somewhat. I had been invited to see Thor with a couple of mates on Monday night, it was a last minute thing as I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to afford it, but my sweet missus had kept some cash by so that I could go, aint she lovely!

The film was good and I recommend it, but I can’t say too much except that the lads will like it because it’s yet another comic book adaptation and the girls will like it because the chap who plays Thor is, well let’s just say that he has serious on screen presence. Oh yeah, Anthony Hopkins id brilliant as Odin!

So that was my weekend, Friends old and new, adorable pups and Norse gods.

Free time….

It’s still very strange in the house, but things are not too bad. I miss Richie terribly but I will come to terms with him not being here. Smiffy came up on Wednesday for a spot of painting, he commented on how quiet his welcome was, I guess that anyone who regularly visited the house will notice Richies absence for a while.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at work after a two day break, and we then went into a four day weekend for Easter. I’m looking forward to this weekend as we will be having a few friends over for a celebration of Richie and Ronniis birthdays and our sweet little Molly Popples A fitting way to remember the pups that we have had the pleasure of welcoming into our homes over the last year.

Friday was reasonably hectic, herself was up before me and set about making preparations for the weekend, a trip into town for supplies was in order. I set about sprucing up the bathroom and washing and filling a paddling pool. I then got a call from my bro’ asking if I would be joining him and other friends at Chambers for a couple of beers. I initially declined as this would mean that Trudes would be left to do the sorting on her own. Herself had a different view on this and she said that if I went out I wouldn’t be getting in her way and she would probably make better progress with me out of her way. So I headed into town to catch up with some good friends and have a couple of pints. The first was a half of a not unpleasant lemon cider, although not overwhelming in the lemon department it was rather refreshing. After that I had the obligitary pint of Frulli, a strawberry lager that is extremely nice and is one of the few lagers I could happily spend the day drinking. We left Chambers and headed down to the Pullman, I thought it had closed, fortunately I was wrong. A quick glance at the tap badges and I was very pleased to see that they had Doom Bar on tap oh sweet joy! Those of you who know me well will be aware that this is my favourite ale, describing it as delicious does not do it any justice at all. All to soon the afternoon drew to a close and we headed our separate ways. some to Ashford, some staying in town and little old me heading home on a bus, well eventually, I had to wait half an hour for the bus.

There’s a few last minute things to do before the big event, one of which is to bath Ronnii so that she is all sweet and shiny for her day.

Sunday will see herself head off to Thame with a friend to attend a dog show, I’m a little worried that she may not come back empty handed, I know there are going to be some wonderful pups there and she’ll have trouble not ‘napping a couple, as for me, well with herself away and it being just me and Ronnii, I shall make the most of the day and spend the time walking my pup and painting models.

I’m not sure about Monday yet, I do know that I may have to avoid the net for most of Saturday to avoid spoilers, herself has said that she has no problem with me watching the Doc on Sunday whilst she’s away, so that’s something else I can look forward to, although there is one cloud over the Doctors return and that is the loss of Elisabeth Sladen earlier in the week, the beeb has announced that there will be a fitting tribute to her on Saturday night. I had the good fortune to meet her twice. The first was at a convention in London and the second was at the SFX weekender in February last year. She was very warm and friendly and chatted to everyone that waited to meet her and for the whole time I was in the line up I never saw her looked dismayed or downhearted at having to shake the hand of yet another fan, I also saw her interaction with Tom Baker and you could clearly see that the two were great friends.

I’ll let you know how the weekend goes and my thoughts on Impossible Astronaut, until then enjoy your weekend and don’t stay in the sun too long.

Middle aged meanderings!

It’s strange how these things affect us, when Molly left us I was totally devastated and could hardly stop blubbing, Richie has been gone just over a day and although my heart hangs heavy, I’m not blubbing quite as much. Trudes says it’s because we have Ronnii and didn’t have to face the silence of a dogless home this time, maybe she’s right. Trudes got home from the vets and she said that Richie’s passing was very calm and quiet, he didn’t complain and just fell asleep in her arms and drifted away. I’m so pleased that our little man suffered as little as possible in the end. I think it also has a lot to do with the vet that he saw, Anthony is such a gentle man, one of those types that is doing his job because he care about the animals he sees rather than that they are just a down payment on a posh car*. He treated Molly with respect and dignity at her end and Trudes said that he was just the same with Richie. He went so far as to alter his schedule so that he would be the one to help Richie on his way.

The house is very different without him, Richie that is, not the vet, that would be odd. Last night Trudes was about to ask if I’d given him his tablets, she stopped herself when she realised, for me it’s walking him that I really miss, he would stop and check the smells on everything, lamp posts, trees, bushes, Ronniis butt! I couldn’t help but have a giggle at the way he would spin around before setting to his business. The annoying way he would bark as loud as he could when he saw another dog. Ronnii and I had our first walk without him last night, I am sure she misses him sticking his nose up her bottom or shoving her to one side for the best pee spot. we’d probably got halfway on our usual route when she stopped and sniffed the air then she looked around with a quizzical “something’s missing” look about her, she then gave a dismissive shake of the head and we continued on our way, a few steps later she stopped again. this time she walked around me almost searching for our lost companion. Ronnii’s spent he morning today wandering from the front room to the kitchen and back and occasionally coming over to me or Trudes all at a loss. She definitely senses that something’s not right.

For the afternoon we headed into town and walked down to the harbour, where we, the human members of our party, had a cuppa and a packet of crisps, the pup had to settle for a dish of water and a cookie that she found rather distasteful, something that Trudes confirmed apparently £1.10 was a bit over priced. After the cuppa we headed down to a, not quite as crowded as the rest of the beach, corner where Trudes rid herself of her stylish yet affordable shoes, took Ronniis lead from me and marched into the sea with little miss fluffy butt close behind, as the waves lapped at Ronniis little furry paws she did what any dog would do in that situation and sat down. She now had a soggy bottom to match her soggy feet. After the paddle we headed back to get some chips whilst Ronnii took in the sights and piscine aroma wafting from the various fish mongers on the harbour. We headed home and had to be collected by the friend that was visiting, she was supposed to arrive at 3 but came fifteen minutes early. We spent the next hour or so catching up on events since we last met up and then she and her little lady headed off. I headed down to check on a feline friend, I was rather surprised to learn that Ronnii was not completely worn out after the mornings stroll and was desperate to join me. It turns out That she does seem to get on with cats and Obi took quite a shine to her, there was head butting which is always a good sign.

The next thing that will be different for me will be coming back from work, I won’t have captain shouty welcome me home with woofs and wags, Ronnii may be excitable but the shouting won’t be there.

We’re also having company tomorrow evening, Smiffy’s due over for an evening of painting, that’s something to look forward to.

I’m back at work for two days and then of for the Easter holiday, there’s a slight chance that Trudes may be away for the day on Sunday, she’s asked if I would like to go along but I wonder whether it may be good to let her have the time out.

It’s a few days away yet and you never know I may change my mind, I do that from time to time.

Anyways, ta ta for now.

Goodbye little friend

A sad silence has fallen upon the house, in yesterdays post I mentioned that Richie’s health had seriously deteriorated over the last couple of weeks and that we would soon have to make a very difficult decision.

Today we said goodbye to our brave little man as he crossed the rainbow bridge to run free and chase squibbles with his sister.

It was not a choice we made lightly, but it was made for him. It is better to remember the way he was rather than watch him become a shadow of the happy little chap he has been. Every that day we put it off would have meant that we would have lost him piece by piece. Now my precious boy is at rest and free from the pain of his dodgy ticker and he is running around green fields and splashing through babbling brooks without a care. I don’t doubt that little Molly Popples was waiting on the other side of the bridge for him and they were soon swapping tales about their lives with us and how they made us laugh and cry.

Trudes, in her wisdom, sent me a poem that she found; I guess she knew how this would make me feel. If only there was a glue to mend a broken heart, I have put the poem here so that others can read it; it may help you to understand why the older and not typical cute dogs need a loving and caring home.

Richie had a hard life until he was taken in by TLDR. We suspect he had been beaten and he had had his front left leg broken, either through a kick or being hit with something. He’d lost his right eye, either to an illness or an injury. Add that to a heart that was wearing out and you had a pup in need of a lot of love. I’m not saying that another family would have loved him less, but nobody would have chosen to take him on if they were presented with him or a more appealing dog. But he was ours heart and soul, and we loved him the way a dog deserves to be loved, with gentleness and a warm bed.

I don’t doubt that there are those who think me foolish for being so emotional over what is, after all, just a dog, but they’re not just dogs. We take these animals into our homes to be our companions and our friends. They rely on us for food, warmth, shelter and care. After being involved, albeit on the sidelines, with an animal rescues I am shocked and saddened at the way some people treat their pets, and I wonder if they would treat a person in such a way? They clearly have no respect for life or the joy that a pet brings into our lives. Trudy says that when we lose a pet we don’t grieve for them but for ourselves, that may be true but it doesn’t dull the pain I feel right now.

The Legacy
When humans die they make a will
to leave their homes and all they have
to those they love.
I too would make a will if I could write.
To some poor wistful, lonely stray
I leave my happy home.
My dish, my cosy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy.
The well loved lap, the gentle stroking hand,
the loving voice.
The place I made in someone’s heart.
The love that at last could help me to
a peaceful, painless end,
Held in loving arms.
If I should die, Oh do not say,
“No more a pet I’ll have,
to grieve me by its loss”
Seek out some lonely, unloved dog
And give my place to him.
This is the legacy I leave behind –
’tis all I have to give.

You may think me daft or over sensitive for being so emotional, those who know me well will also know that I love animals, I always will, I can’t walk past a cat without saying hello, and I get great joy from having dogs in my life, something I thought I would never say.

If you have a dog or a cat that shares it’s life with you, grab it, hold it tight and tell him or her that you love them, and show them that you do every single day, you never know how much longer you will have with them so you need to treasure every moment.

That’s me done for now.

What to do?

it’s been a quiet couple of weeks, I had Monday and Tuesday off last week. Monday was herselfs birthday so I took the day off so that I could ensure that she had a nice relaxing day. Her plan of a lay in was scuppered when I took her tea, toast and pressies at 09:30. You can find out what her pressies were on her blog. I nipped into town to grab a bit of shopping, where I picked up two cakes. one being a simple chocolate sponge with cream filling, the other being a rather special chocolate cake. When I returned from the town I offered the birthday girl a cup of tea and stuck a couple of candles in the first cake. I sang her the standard birthday song and as I put the cake in front of her I mentioned that it was a bargain as it only cost a quid. that evening two close friends came to wish Tea a happy birthday, I offered tea and cake, as you do! This time I bought out the posh cake, although herself claimed that she was wise to my ruse I think she was rather surprised. Ronnii, our Yorkshire Terrier, was due do have a “routine” operation at the vets Tuesday morning. This time herself got her lay in as I left for the vets at ten past eight and didn’t return home until just after 10:00. I made myself a cuppa and put some coffee on for the missus. no sooner was the tea on the table when my phone rang. It was the vet asking if Ronnii had been sick in the morning, I told her that she hadn’t and that she was in good health when we set off to Hythe. I was told that the little madam had been sick three times since I left her and as a result she may not be having her op, the nice lady from the vet said that she would have a word with the chap who would be doing her surgery and see what he suggested. a few minutes later nice lady rang back saying that the dogtor was not happy to operate on Ronnii in case there was something wrong and he didn’t want to put her at risk. So I set off to collect her. This was done and I thought that I’d wander her along to the shop to assess how she was. would you believe the little minx was absolutely fine and walked along the high street with no problems, one elderly gent did mention how amusing it is to see a big chap like me being controlled by a small pup like her, I chatted with him for a minute or two about how special Ronnii is and how I have no problems walking a small floofy dog. Since little Molly Popples I have certainly become a small dog man.

The weekend was relatively quiet, Friday we heard some excellent news about a situation that my closest friend has been dealing with, it has now been resolved and, hopefully, the whole debacle can be put away and the parties involved can move on. I certainly hope so.

I was at the shop for Saturday and Sunday, but the events there can be read about on the Hythe Tyrant blog.

I got home on Sunday to discover that Richie had been very difficult throughout the day, we suspect that he may have the doggie equvivalent of dementia, this does actually tie in with the heart problem. Since his heart is not working too well he may not be getting enough oxygen to his brain which would cause the symptoms Trudes has described to me. He’s getting very forgetful and when he goes out to the garden he stands still as though he’s trying to remember where he is, she has also said that he wakes up in the night and looks at her with a sort of “who are you?” expression on his face. She says that he also comes downstairs in a way that seems he’s checking the place to remind himself of where he is.

I have noticed it more over the last week or so and each day it seems that a little bit more of our little man has gone. We knew when we fostered him that we would have a limited time, but that doesn’t make it any easier. When Richie first came to us we had not long said goodbye to Molly and I tried very hard to keep a distance between me and him. It didn’t work, by the end of the first week he was well and truly ensconced in our lives.

Ronnii and I are off to Hythe to have another go at getting her whowhoectomy done. This time I’m going to stay with her until she has had the pre-med and then once she has dozed off they can take her off and do what needs to be done. We suspect that she may have been ill at the vets because she had become distressed at being left at the vets, on her first night with us she was very sick and we took her down to meet Anthony and introduce her to the people that would be providing her vet care, she had a tummy bug and other than that she was a very healthy dog. We’ve had a few scares with her, the most worrying was the semi-necrotic polyp, but she sorted that herself the grim little monster. I have to be honest and say that I’m worried about the operation, when we took adopted Ronnii we were told that she was about five or six, our vet has since examined her more thoroughly and has determined that she is closer to ten maybe eleven, this means that there is a higher risk involved in what would be a routine procedure. The problem with keeping pets is that we get attached and grieve when we lose them, but I don’t think that our house would be a home without at least one dog scampering around.

So I’m off work for Monday and Tuesday again so that I can take Ronnii down to Hythe and  and keep a watchful eye on her whilst Trudes goes into town should she need to. If I get chance I may paint but I may just sit quietly and read a book.

We may also use the time that I’m home on Tuesday to prepare the house for Saturday as we will be having a few friends over throughout the day as we’ve planned to celebrate the pups birthdays, plus a certain temporal travelling medic returns to our screens on the same day, but that my have to wait until later in the day or even the next. Since there’s also a possibility that herself is off to Northshire on Sunday we may not get to watch it until the following Monday, but that’s a bank holiday so if I avoid the net and contact with humans I can avoid spoilers.

I’ll keep you posted on the situation with Richie

keep smiling

Standing on the outside, not wanting to go in!

Weird title that, not sure if it has any relevance yet, I guess we’ll find out later.

Trudes has finished her Radiotherapy and has to wait a few weeks before going back for a review, we can only hope for good news, personally I think it’s gone on long enough and she needs to hear something positive. I had the day off on Friday, Trudes was off to a school prize giving and her son was up for a prize, bless him. She returned home all full of pride and blooming shattered, hardly surprising all things considered. I spent the day with the pups, walks and snuggles were the order of the day. When we’re both home the pups are divided between us, Richie spends most of his time snuggled with Trudes and Ronnii’s usually with me. But because I was home alone with them I had them both wanting snuggles with their old pops.

I didn’t do the shop Saturday, I stayed home so that Trudes could have a lay in, something that was much appreciated. Aside from the usual routine of being at home on a weekend, walkies and dull TV it was relatively uneventful.

Sunday was also a day spent with the pups as Trudes went off to spend the day with her folks, it being mothers day and all that. I stayed home and tended to the needs of the adorable pups. A bit later in the day day I was visited upon by my Bro and his good lady, a welcome break to the tedium of naff telly and regular trips to the back garden or along the road with the pups, love ‘em as I do. There was one other distraction from the monotony of endless ghost hunter episodes and programmes about complete loons searching for the loch ness yetiquach was the next door neighbour coming round to fix the washing line, I’m glad he climbed the ladder and not me, I’m not scared of heights but I a rather adverse to descending rapidly only to be bought to a sharp and sudden stop by the ground. I think herself was pleased with the washing line being back in action, apparently it’s been used today.

There was one bit of bad news over the weekend, I learned that a good friend has had a minor stroke and was rushed off to the hospital, I phoned him today to check up on him and let him know that I’d call in on him after work. Fortunately it isn’t as bad as it could be, if that’s possible and I can only hope that he makes a full recovery. knowing him as well as I do, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him back to full health sooner than expected. There’s much I could say about the whole situation but if word got back to him that I am worried about him he’d only tell me off. So I shall wish my friend a swift recovery and say no more.

I also need to sort out pressies for herself, I have one thing in the planning stage but it needs to be made and sent from the colony, so it’s extremely doubtful that it will arrive in time for the day itself. I just have to ensure that she gets a few nice bits for the day.

that’s it for this post, not sure the title’s anymore relevant but maybe that’s a good thing as it does sound a bit negative.