Standing on the outside, not wanting to go in!

Weird title that, not sure if it has any relevance yet, I guess we’ll find out later.

Trudes has finished her Radiotherapy and has to wait a few weeks before going back for a review, we can only hope for good news, personally I think it’s gone on long enough and she needs to hear something positive. I had the day off on Friday, Trudes was off to a school prize giving and her son was up for a prize, bless him. She returned home all full of pride and blooming shattered, hardly surprising all things considered. I spent the day with the pups, walks and snuggles were the order of the day. When we’re both home the pups are divided between us, Richie spends most of his time snuggled with Trudes and Ronnii’s usually with me. But because I was home alone with them I had them both wanting snuggles with their old pops.

I didn’t do the shop Saturday, I stayed home so that Trudes could have a lay in, something that was much appreciated. Aside from the usual routine of being at home on a weekend, walkies and dull TV it was relatively uneventful.

Sunday was also a day spent with the pups as Trudes went off to spend the day with her folks, it being mothers day and all that. I stayed home and tended to the needs of the adorable pups. A bit later in the day day I was visited upon by my Bro and his good lady, a welcome break to the tedium of naff telly and regular trips to the back garden or along the road with the pups, love ‘em as I do. There was one other distraction from the monotony of endless ghost hunter episodes and programmes about complete loons searching for the loch ness yetiquach was the next door neighbour coming round to fix the washing line, I’m glad he climbed the ladder and not me, I’m not scared of heights but I a rather adverse to descending rapidly only to be bought to a sharp and sudden stop by the ground. I think herself was pleased with the washing line being back in action, apparently it’s been used today.

There was one bit of bad news over the weekend, I learned that a good friend has had a minor stroke and was rushed off to the hospital, I phoned him today to check up on him and let him know that I’d call in on him after work. Fortunately it isn’t as bad as it could be, if that’s possible and I can only hope that he makes a full recovery. knowing him as well as I do, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him back to full health sooner than expected. There’s much I could say about the whole situation but if word got back to him that I am worried about him he’d only tell me off. So I shall wish my friend a swift recovery and say no more.

I also need to sort out pressies for herself, I have one thing in the planning stage but it needs to be made and sent from the colony, so it’s extremely doubtful that it will arrive in time for the day itself. I just have to ensure that she gets a few nice bits for the day.

that’s it for this post, not sure the title’s anymore relevant but maybe that’s a good thing as it does sound a bit negative.


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  1. Strokes are awful things. My mum having had one many years ago. If it was caught in time – and by all accounts it was – then after the recovery it should not show that he has even had one.

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