Another missing title

Another couple of weeks since my last update, it’s been odd to say the least. A trip to the flicks on Wednesday to see Transformers 3, I’m not going to give away plot details or spoilers, but I was a little disappointed with it. For me it was pretty much more of the same. If I didn’t already own the first two I wouldn’t buy the third, the plot seemed weak and, at times, it appeared to struggle to keep the story running. Add the overly used action sequences and a last 60 minutes that could easily have been forty and you have a transformers film that’s only marginally better than the second one. I know that’s my opinion, but as this is my blog this is probably the best place to express my views. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film, but I felt something was missing, and no, I don’t mean Megan Fox, although the new lass isn’t an improvement.

I went to see my doctor on Thursday; I was expecting what he told me, well sort of. I’ve been prescribed another course of meds, this one’s a happy pill, not that it’s got much to be happy about, imagine how life would be if you and 53 of your mates were swallowed every day, that would be much fun now would it? Kidding aside, I will also be returning to the counseling team and I’ve been advised by my 16 year old doctor* to attend a stress therapy course. I did manage to get the chance to invite my Doctor to the Astronomy club, I found that quite amusing.

Friday was a bit of a mad rush after work, I had to go to the opticians to collect my new reading glasses, I collected the distance pair the Friday before, at least that’s done for another two years, plus I can see clearer, huzzah!

In the evening I got a text from my bro, he mentioned that there was talk of a fishing trip in the early evening of Saturday. I enjoy fishing and don’t do enough of it, so I jumped at the chance and was picked up just after four and we set off to the pond, there was some drama setting up. Mainly due to the rather rubbish weather that had set in for the day. The first issue was getting to the swim we were going to use. I nearly had to fish himself out of the pond, as the rain had made the rather steep slope down to the swim rather slick he slid a short distance down the slope but fortunately managed to stop before taking a dunking. Chairs were setup for us to sit on; (DUH!) the wind picked one up and dumped it in the pond, so the first thing taken out of the pond was a red camping seat. Finally our rods were set up and we dropped baited hooks into the wind rippled pond. I managed two fish before getting my line tangled in a tree, having cleared that I tangled my line around the end of my rod, that made my eyes water, in order to sort out that I had to cut the tangle out and set everything up again. By the time this was done and I’d got bait back in the water, unfortunately our line tangled. At this point my comrade decided that it might be a good idea if we tried a swim that was a bit wider, or at least one where we wouldn’t be in such close quarters, the most amusing part of the early stage of the evening was that all the while we were sorting ourselves out, our other two companions were catching fish like it was going out of fashion. At one point as they let one fish go, they caught another straight after. So me and him set off to the other side of the pond where I hunkered down in a swim to myself and he settled in with the girly type. I re-baited the hook, dropped it in the drink and two seconds, no, really, later caught a large something or other. I know it was a fish, it had fins and came out of the water, but that’s about all I knew. Mankey did shout from the other side, of the pond not the other side, what type of fish it was but since it leapt off the hook before I could land the slimy blighter and started cursing, I didn’t actually hear him. So I still don’t know what fish it was, oh well. Eventually the Rear Admiral grew weary of the fact that the girly type was doing better than him on their swim and returned to our original position. For some reason he decided not to take his chair with him and set himself up on the red one, yup, the wet one. So now he wasn’t catching fish and he had a wet bottom. Despite the minor dramas it was relaxing and fun shouting light hearted abuse across the pond at each other. My total for the evening was 16, not a bad amount considering that my last visit resulted in three so I headed home happy. T.R.A. settled for 11, although he tried to claim some of mine under the rather poorly contrived argument that I was using his rod. The only down side to the evenings fishing trip was that here we are in the middle of July and it was about –50. Ok, that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but it was cold, honestly it was, take a look at Mankeys blog if you don’t believe me. So much for global warming!

Tomorrow is the grown up, and I use the term loosely, gaming session at the shop, I’ve been challenged to a 2000 point Necron v Tau game, I have a rough idea how the game is going to end but for a more detailed result you’ll need to see tomorrows Hythe Tyrant post.

*my doctor isn’t actually 16, that would be silly, he just looks very young. Bless him!


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  1. Glad you had some fun today

  2. leaving another one cos don’t like pic on last one……………lol

  3. bum stupid wordpress

  4. Yay finally it worked right, don’t like this ere bloggin place I is sticking with BLOGGER

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