Weekends away are always too short.

I haven’t blogged in a while as nothing much has happened to write about, but we’ve had a couple of events this week. It started on Monday when we took young Uji to the vets to be chipped. Considering what a little chap he is and the size of the needle thing the vet used to put the chip in him he made very little fuss, just a couple of whimpers. We also asked if his claws could be trimmed. So after the chip was done he was ready for a manicure. Dear lord you’d have thought he was being murdered, he screamed and squirm and screamed some more, then he tried to give the vet a “get off me” nip. Fortunately our vet is very patient and held no malice toward the poor boy and carried on, finally the job was done and little man now has blunter claws.

Not much happened for the rest of the week until Friday. I had the day off so that I could help Trudes with the final preparations for our trip to Bowood Country Show. Much planning had been done the week leading up to the event. We were due to leave at 17:30 on the Friday hoping to arrive at about 20:30 ish, I say “ish” as we would be hitting the M25 at rush hour and you can never tell how these things will pan out. Then a bit of panic set in when we were told that if we weren’t there by 21:00 the gates would be locked and we’d be locked out, that was a bit of a pain. Fortunately our designated driver arrange to collect the car we would be travelling in an hour earlier, Woo-hoo! Friday arrived and after that rarity that is a lie in on a weekday I got up and we set about the efforts of sorting out and packing and a trip into town to collect a few last minute overlooked bits. Whilst getting ready to head into town I received a text from the chauffer saying that he would be another hour early and was looking at a 15:45 set off. Oh lord, panic set in! I contacted the youngest member of  of our party saying that I would be helping her bring the last few bits they needed and we’d head up to the departure lounge, namely Trudes’ house. For the next bit I need to clarify that the original plan for transport was a three door Ford KA, this had been transmogrified into a Zetec which meant that there would be more room for the gear we were taking. Parker arrived and we set about filling up the car. All I’ll say is, it was a good thing that the car had been up graded as we wouldn’t have got half the stuff we were taking in the KA.

So at 16:00 we hit the road, an hour and a half ahead of the original schedule, the worry of the nine o’clock lock out banished from our heads thanks to the kindness of a certain Mum, muchos appreciation for that, To be honest our belaying of the worry wasn’t very long lived. As we approached the M26 the idiot map squealed an alert saying that there was a problem on the M25, the radio went on to an announcement of an over turned lorry that was blocking the clockwise and slowing down the anti-clockwise, uh-oh! This transpired to be resulting in a minimum four hour delay. So our driver made the executive decision to take the northern side of the M25 to the M4. we had a bit of a slow run through the Dartford Tunnel, but it only added about thirty miles to our journey. The M4 was a bit slow in places, but eventually we arrived at Bowood Country Estate at 20:00. we immediately got down to the business of setting up camp, Much thanks to the Manky one for the loan of camping equipment. Camp set up and laid out. after a hike to fetch water, which was made longer by a stupid security bloke sending me in the completely wrong direction, meant it was now well past beer o’clock so a couple of bottles were given a stern talking to, then up to the beer tent to sample some of the local ales. By the time we got to it the locals had reduces the ale supply to one barrel, it wasn’t all bad as the ale in question was a fine drop of stuff called Robin Hood, an odd name for a beer brewed in Wiltshire but it was rather good. A spot of socialising and back to base for more of the same and a quiet chat under the clouds and stars, plus a spot of makeshift astronomy. Finally to bed at about 01:00 but a few comments about feeling a bit sick and multiple excuse me journeys, one of which nearly resulted in a squished Uji. We didn’t get much sleep that night, Uji took his revenge on being nearly flattened by peeing on the bed at 5 in the morning, so we were up! At seven thirty I kicked our two snoring companions into action with the suggestion of a full English, after which it was agreed that we’d do our own the following morning.

Saturday was spent taking in the stalls and sights of the country show, pony racing, fly fishing demos, dog handling, birds of prey and all manner of country living activities. Unfortunately Trudes didn’t get to see much of the show itself as she was helping out on her friends stand. The main even for us was the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Show. We’d entered Uji and Ronnii in a couple of classes including best Pedigree, prettiest bitch and best Rescue over nine For Ronnii and best Puppy and prettiest eyes and best rescue under 9 for Uji. Ronnii came third in best rescue over 9 and poor little Uji didn’t get placed, oh well there’s always Sunday! Now those that know me well know how fond and proud I am of our pups and I’m not shy in admitting that when Ronnii got her third place award I did have a bit of a blub.

Saturday night was quieter than Friday, we all decided to have nosh of fish & chips and planned to have a couple of beers later in the evening. However our companions were rather exhausted, especially since one of them had been on the go since the early hours of Friday morning and then had to do a near 200 mile drive. They decided to have a bit of a snooze, apparently they woke up at 3 am on Sunday morning wondering where the night had gone. As for my Saturday nights kip, well it was better than Friday night except for the fact that every time I’d just dozed off I was woken up again by a finger jabbing me in the back of the head. Apparently I was being blamed for the noises being made by a wild boar that was near our tent, the bloomin’ cheek!

A lie in Sunday morning, well sort of, Trudes and I both got up as we needed an excuse me and we agreed that we’d give the pups a chance to do the same in the hope that Uji wouldn’t mark the bed as his own again. Everything went as planned and we managed to get a lie in, much needed after the torrential down pour during the night. Another day of country living displays and entering the pups in competitions, this time Uji went in best pedigree and best rescue under 9 and Ronnii went in best veteran and best rescue over nine (again), Uji got two special awards, in best pedigree for entering the event naked, bless him and best rescue under nine for being a rescue dog. Ronnii came fifth in best veteran and FIRST (woo-hoo) in best rescue over 9, I will be honest and say that there were only two entrants for this class so it was a joint first, but it’s a first all the same so I’m extremely proud of my little lady.

The human highlight of the weekend, aside from spending it with brilliant mates and a wonderful misses was the fact that our junior member changed her mind about the type of dog she would like. she started off wanting a pug, she then said she wanted a spaniel before saying that she wanted a wolf hound. Wolf hounds are huge, Google them, you could put a saddle on the thing and ride it.

All to soon the weekend came to a close and we headed home. Not too much trouble with the traffic, a bit of a worry early on but it wasn’t a bad run. Four hours later we were home and unloaded and we said fond farewells to our friends.

It was a brilliant weekend, Ronnii spent most of Sunday off the lead as we walked around and Uji spent a high proportion of the weekend being doted over as he was the only Chinese Crested at the event. The pups are shattered as are me and Trudes so I’m off for a shower and Bed before work in the morning.

G’night all.

PS, I didn’t take a great deal of pics but those that I did will be posted in the usual places.

PPS, I forgot to say a bloomin’ mahoosive thanks to my bro for driving us to and from Wiltshire, without him we wouldn’t have gone. A special thanks also goes to my Boo for entertaining with her indecisiveness over the size of the dog she wanted.


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