You could knock me down with a (insert object here)

Ok, here’s how it is, I finished work on Friday and set off to Hythe to drop into the shop to see Sue and collect this month’s copy of White Dwarf, it’s always nice having something to read on the journey to Ashford. Hang on a minute I need to rewind a bit, Monday night I set about my semi regular web trawl in search of a particular person who I haven’t seen for over 17 years, every time I do this I’ve had no luck. As a result I get a bit disheartened and leave it for a few months before starting again. I go through the usual channels, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social sites, each time to no avail. I also try Google and other search engines. This last time was slightly different. This time I found two people who are possible links to the person I’m looking for. So armed with this new information I contact my sister for some sage advice and her thoughts on my next course of action. To my surprise and shock she had been contacted by a third person who could be a possible contact. She tells me that she’s had a text from her contact and whilst she’s looking for the text we have a catch up chat bringing each other up to date on the recent events in our lives. Eventually she finds the texts and asks me if I want her to tell me what it says, me being a bit of a pessimist I’ve already got it into my head that the text says that the person I’ve spent the last 17 years searching for doesn’t want any contact with me and not to bother looking for them. My sister, being the voice of reason tells me to stop being so stupid and listen to what she’s about to tell me. It is, in fact, the exact opposite of what I assumed it to be and my quest could soon be at an end as the person concerned does want to contact me. So after a brief moment of blubbing I compose myself and thank my sister for the news. She then tells me that she will pass my number on when she can. All I can do now is sit back and wait. So there you have it and I can now carry on with Friday! So, Shop, Anemic Stunty and I’m on a bus heading for Ashford. The journey’s just over an hour so I have plenty of time to read through WD and both of this month’s Astro magazines, well I say read, the run to Ashford is a bit of a bumpy one so I rarely read them properly. This Fridays trip was slightly different, usually I get to Ashford and head to some friends house and head to Woodchurch from there, but as the friends were away camping this month I would be getting the bus from Ashford to Woodchurch.

On arrival at Astro club the sky was, to be honest, awful and I was pleased that I hadn’t taken a scope with me as it would have been a waste of effort. This month’s Astro meet was our summer social and featured a brief talk by the chairman about telescopes and the rest of the evening was dedicated to allowing the members to get to know each other and stuff. A few of the members ventured outside and noticed that the sky was clearing and this resulted in a couple of chaps setting their scopes up. At this point I was wishing I’d taken my scope, fate’s a fickle thing! That evening I saw the Ring Nebula, M13 better than I’d ever seen it, the Pinwheel galaxy and I could just make out the supernova in it plus I saw the Andromeda Galaxy and Neptune. As always with looking through a scope the view were awe inspiring and made me long want the longer Autumn and Winter nights to hurry along, apologies to those of my readers who like the Summer but you have to admit it has been a bit pants this year, what with global warming and all that, maybe one of those oiks in London made off with the summer!

Because of the incredibly clear sky I left Woodchurch later than usual and was given a lift in the Mankey Mobile through to Ashford station to wait for a train. Whilst waiting I called herself and let her know that I would be back for midnight. I walked through the door, after opening it of course, bang on the hour.

A quick stroll with Ronnii and off to bed for an early start as Sue’s taken a couple of days off and I’m minding the shop for her so Saturday was spent behind the counter with the occasional excursion to see how the lads were fairing with their games. Despite the low footfall on the high street I didn’t have a bad days trade but it wasn’t as good as last year. Never mind though as I still have Tuesday and Wednesday to go yet.

Sorry but I need to rewind again, Smiffy came over on Wednesday and we set about painting Tau battle suits, this was interrupted momentarily as he had to nip to Dover to collect his Daughter and her friend and bring them home. We were soon painting again and we almost finished four models, which is cool!

Saturday evening and I had to attend to my adoptive moggies, I say adoptive but one of them is Obikat who now resides with my bro and his girly type and their second moggie who is a rescued stray. Where Obi is concerned he couldn’t be in a better place as he is totally loved and cared for which is brilliant.

Once the kittehs were fed and watered I headed up to herself and settled in for the return of Doctor Who, I’m going to have to watch it again as during the day I got a call from my sister saying that there had been further developments ad she would be passing my number on later in the day. So although I watched the Doctor I didn’t take it all in as my head was in the early stages of meltdown wondering if I would be getting a long awaited phone call. After Who I switched over for Confidential and within moments there was a knock at the door, I answered it to be greeted by a mate that I haven’t seen for a while so I made a cuppa and decided to look forward to the chance to catch up with a mate. This catch up never really happened, no sooner had the tea been made my phone rang. I didn’t recognise the number or the area code and realise that this could well be the call that I had been waiting for, it was! I spent the majority of Saturday night talking to my long lost daughter. There was another momentary blub but that was rectified by my good lady thrusting tissues and a glass of mead at me.

We talked for about five hours and it seems we are very alike, right down to the trend of intentionally wearing odd socks. She came across as very pleasant and she seems to have a sense of humour similar to my own, that could make thing interesting when we get together.

She told me about her life and we spoke about the all to short time I had with her and we asked about each other, she wondered if I’d had other children, I told her that she almost has a step brother but I don’t see much of him now that he has grown into a fine young man. I asked if she had any brothers or sisters, she doesn’t it’s just her, she has a fella who sounds like a sterling chap and she has a young son who she would like me to meet. The thought of being a Granddad is an odd one but I’m sure that I will get used to it. It was bound to happen one day so why not now when I’m still young enough to enjoy it?

All in all it’s been a good first couple of days of a week off that will carry through until next Sunday although I’m really looking forward to Saturday 3rd of September as I’m off to The Natural History Museum with friends. Tuesday and Wednesday I’m in the shop and I’ve suggested to some of the Saturday lads that they could come down and have a game on those days, if nothing else the company would be nice. So far the only unfortunate incident is that my laptop threw a complete hissy and refused to start up after a severe software failure, and because I’ve put a new HDD in the thing there’s no restore partition so I couldn’t reinstall the original software and I now have XP pro rather than Vista pro, it’s a shame really as I quite liked Vista and was just getting used to it. I shall have another go at putting Vista on later, maybe in a few weeks, although it may be that the laptop’s seen its better days and is starting to give up. It’s not a particularly good one and came free with a phone contract. Maybe a new one is the way to go; I shall have to have a look at the best way of getting hold of one.

So there it is, the first two days of a week off, although it’s only Saturday and since I don’t work Saturdays it’s not actually my week of yet, but it’s a bloomin’ good start.

I’m writing this sat on the sofa with a pup on either side of me, if they were any closer they’d be part of each leg, my daughter is probably working on one of her gaming projects and the missus is snuggled up in bed, which is where I’m off to soon.

So ta ta dear reader, I’m off for a good nights kip and a busy day as we have another mate and his youngsters visiting tomorrow.

I leave you with this little snippet, sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a chap coming to tell you good news.

Where there’s tea, there’s hope!


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  1. That is fantastic news mate 🙂

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