Fizz, pop, crackle crackle, BOOOOOOOOM!

It’s been a tiring few days, Uji’s making a sterling recovery, we took him to see the vet on Saturday morning and he was pulled prodded and poked all without a whimper. He’s tentatively putting a little more weight on his leg and although he’s supposed to be resting he continues to want to play chase with Ronnii and Izzy. If a human had the surgery he’s just had they’d be laid up for weeks, but he does have the benefit of three other fully functioning legs.

Thursday, the day we collected Uji from the vet, I met herself at the shop. The original plan was that I’d be heading down after work to collect my lovely new Necron models and codex, oh sweet joy!

At closing time we made our way to the car and set off Ashford bound to bring home our wee man. When we got there we had a bit of a wait until the vet could see us, so we sat and chatted about how much trouble keeping pets causes but how the good times with them far outweigh the bad, and random Python quotes that a rabbit owner just didn’t get. Eventually the vet was ready and he called in to the consultation room where he explained what he’d done to Ujis leg and how we should proceed over the next few weeks. Once all was clear he said he’d go and fetch him and sent us back to the waiting room. When we returned Sue said that Izzy seemed a bit stressed, I looked down at little miss and knew that she wasn’t stressed, she was having a seizure. Not just any seizure, it was the worst one she’s had since she came to us. The staff at the vets. As usual, were exemplary in their response and ushered us in to a consulting room where little miss could be laid down and made comfortable. The vet came in and gave her the once over and was very compassionate and supportive, he provided us with some meds to use if she starts to cluster and was very caring. Izzy soon came to and we were soon heading home.

After work on Friday I walked to the Lukey Ranch as Master Luke was taking me shopping, something I’d asked him to do as I’m totally rubbish at shopping. Shopping was good, well as good as shopping can be, but it was a giggle and, with the help of a brilliant mate, not overly expensive, well not as expensive as it would have been if I’d gone on my own.

Saturday was quiet, until I headed off to Ashford for an evening of fireworks with some friends from Astro club. The finale to the evening was a rocket provided by The Mankey one, to say the rocket was impressive would be an understatement. I swear this thing had been designed for the Russian Space program. When launched it screamed in to the air before exploding in a cascade of colour. All too soon it was time to head home.

Over the next two weeks I have a stack of new models to paint and a presentation for Astroclub to finish. There’s the possibility of an outing next Saturday which will take me through to early Sunday morning, but more on that as and when it happens. There’s also a possibility of a mid November swim to repair a duck float, I suspect the wetsuit may be a good idea.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you posted on the event for next Saturday, it could be interesting.


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