Welcome to yet another page of inane drivel, I’ve not been keeping up with the blog, I my old head master were to comment on the (ir)regularity of my entries I’m sure he would write “could do better!” but he was a twonk and his opinion didn’t matter then and it sure don’t matter now. So what’s been happening in the whacky world that is mine?

Last post I wrote about the ghost hunt, that was such fun and a brilliant time, I’ve got a couple of events planned for 2012 already, might as well make the most of it with all the December 2012 theories. One that I’m really looking forward to is the walk from Dover to Saint Margarets bay in April, The plan is to find our way into a couple of holes along the way so that should be good. Ronnii was taken to the vets at the beginning of the week to be spayed, she came back hating me and as I write this, two days later, she’s still not happy with me. The surgery went well and she has to go back down on Saturday for a check up, the worry is that whilst the surgery was being done the vet found a small tumour, they removed it and it’s been sent of for tests. It’s a worry because when she was found in Reading she had very large tumour that had to be removed and it was cancer, so the results may not be good but we’ll deal with that as and when. The only definite thing is that no matter what the results are she will be loved and looked after to the best of herself and me can do. Uji has made an excellent recovery from his surgery which is good news. Izzy has had some very bad siezures over the last couple of weeks and we’re going to get some blood tests done to rule out some possibilities.

The last Friday of the month was, as usual, Astro club and I was set to give a presentation on Exoplanets. Although I chose my subject 8 months ago I actually spent the week before the night putting the presentation together and writing the script. I wanted to include an interactive section as well as some movies, I must admit that the presentation was, in my humble opinion, rather good, the script was too, I fumbled a bit near the middle because I forgot the designation of a star, but I think I pulled it back and ended up doing quite good, ooh get me being all humble, a few of the chaps said that it was good and one rather annoying chap argued about a well accepted theory, his view at the end of his rant appeared to be “Well I’m right and the entire scientific community is wrong because I say so, so there!” I chose to ignore him and carry on with what may have been one of the highlights of my astro club moments, The silliest Q&A session ever involving the blatant plugging of stuff such as the new club clothing range, Mankys painting website and Drews book and judging by the feed back it all went down rather well.

The main problem in preparing for the night was the fact that, A: I had written a script months ago but lost it and B: The BBC news website had a new article about the recent developments in exoplanet discovery almost every day, I was on the verge of writing to the Beeb asking them to stop publishing the stuff, They would have listened I’m sure.

The only real downer this last few weeks is my approach to my efforts at losing weight, to be honest my head is not right at the moment and there’s stuff going on in my tiny little man brain that has put a temporary halt on my eagerness to become lighter. I have little doubt that once I get my head to stop melting I’ll get back into the swing of things and start afresh, but for now the timing is wrong, the flesh is willing but the soul has given up and said pass me the cake!


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  1. You’ll get there mate. Glad the exoplanets went well, and sorry for me sending the bloke to annoy you, the least I could do at such short notice hehe.

    Hope Ronnii is okay, but she has been wonderfully looked after for the last year or so, and will be for the next however long. When she goes, it will be knowing that she was loved by two of the most loving doggy parents they could have.

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