Some good(ish) news

I may have mentioned earlier in the week, month, that Ronnii Rokitt Diva Dog went to the vet to be spayed last week and that during the surgery the vet removed what appeared to be a tumourous lump that they found whilst they were poking her insides about. The lump was sent off for testing to see if it was something nasty. We got the result through today, Sadly the lump was cancerous, but the vet said that it was low grade and not too much to worry about. We’ll just need to keep an eye on her and she’ll need to go for a check up every now and then. Not an ideal piece of news but it could have been a lot worse, so all we need to do is ensure that she’s loved and looked after for the rest of her days, that wont be too difficult!

Our dogs are special, to us they are not pets, they are part of our family, they frustrate us and drive us bonkers with worry at times, but now I have the pups in my life I couldn’t imagine being without them. Each and every day with them is a blessing and I would not have it any other way. RRDD is, relatively, healthy and I feel that we have a good amount of time to come with her so we will make the most of that time.

On a different subject I have realised this week that although I look forward to this time of year, I dislike certain aspect of Christmas. In particular animated musical toys. These things are horrendous. This may sound a bit odd coming from someone who presses all the buttons on the toys in the shops and walks away with a grin, Well I wont be doing that anymore!

Tonight I headed off down to Casa Luke to spend the evening with some good mates and watch the first episode of, what has become one of my all time favourite series, Firefly. I really enjoyed revisiting the show and I can’t wait to see the next episode, I’ve left the series at Lukes for the next time we’re all down there, although I would like to watch them all again as part of a couch day but there’s a lot of other stuff I need to be getting on with such as a million models that need painting a stack of books to read and shopping for that certain someone.

Since I mentioned shopping I bought a present for my grandson that I need to send off to him, he really likes Transformers and his favourite is Bumblebee, so one will be heading off to Northshire in the post, only to be followed by his Christmas Presents a day or two later.

So there you have it, a bit of a downer where Ronnii’s concerned but it’s not all bad.


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  1. The main thing is that you found out before it was too late, and that is one huge bonus. Considering you were someone that looked at dogs and thought that they were not for you, and now look at you. Can’t imagine life without them 🙂

    Glad it was good(ish) news for her.

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