Belated Happy New Year

Well here we are bathing in the newness of 2012, huzzah! My Christmas break was quiet, and I received some cool gifts, including a small radio controlled car and a hand boiler. This is not, as the name suggest, a receptacle for boiling hands, but a glass tube with a bulb at each end. The middle bit is shaped into a spiral for one and a pretzel for the other. they both contain a coloured liquid, one red the other purple. When placed in the palm of your hand the liquid boils up through the tube into the other bulb, I have no clue how it works and to be honest I don ‘t want to, I think I’ll keep the mystery in this one.

On the Thursday before New Year I went up to Ashford, avoiding the zombies, for an evening of poker with some long standing mates, I was doing quite well and had some very good hands dealt to me, then the Manky one arrived and sucked out all my luck, ‘ang on, that sounds a lot weirder now I’ve written it down, so let’s say that my luck evaporated when Manks got there, I managed to stay in until the penultimate round, but I enjoyed the evening. There’s another poker night coming up soon, looking forward to that.

I’ve still not had a great deal of luck with the telescope, that’s the problem with living on the south east coast, all the bad weather and cloud seems to get funnelled up, or down, the channel. It would be nice if it were funnelled a little further south though.

One big let down for me over the Christmas break was the TV, it was utter pants, with all the available channels there was virtually naff all on. The Doctor Who special was alright, not brilliant, but I enjoyed it and thought that although it was a bit weak it could have been worse. I know of one chap that will completely disagree with me. I thought the recent adaptation of Treasure Island was very good, herself didn’t. I was very impressed with the return of Sherlock, I like Sherlock Holmes, I enjoyed reading the books and my ultimate Holmes is, of course, Jeremy Brett. But Benedict thingy has made the role his own in a fresh new style. I’m very much looking forward to the second episode, it’s an adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles, which happens to be my favourite book.

Tuesday I went down to casa Luke for an episode of Firefly and some good conversing with friends, Firefly is one of the most under rated series ever, even though there’s only eleven episodes the characters were well written and as the viewer the storylines draw you in, I would really like to see more.

On the tech front I broke my phone over the holidays, which was a shame because after the disappointment of the POC that was the I8910 the Galaxy S2 is a fantastic bit of kit. Fortunately the phone is insured, but there were complications with the usage of the phone and my provider was initially apprehensive to replace it, but after enquiring about reducing the contract to a much lower tariff with the intention of cancelling it in a few months time I got a call from a customer service rep saying that the phone will be replaced after all, this was followed up with a lecture on being a bit more careful with the phone and making sure that if it gets broken again I have to ensure that the sim card’s in it when, or if, that happens. The second annoying moment in the world of my tech was the death of my laptop. The drive failed rather terminally, a temporary replacement has been found but a new drive will have to be bought very soon. I have a current tech project at the moment, this one’s not my fault, a workmate broke the screen on his Lappy, so I’ve sourced a replacement screen and I shall see if it fits tomorrow. I hope it does as it will result in some major kudos for me, but if it doesn’t and he gets a replacement that does I’ll be able to fit it.

Two things I’m looking forward to this months are the Astronomy clubs Stargazing live event, last years was a roaring success, and with luck we’ll have clear skies. On the 25th I head up to London Olympia for the Toy Fair, one of the best things about this event is the little place that Mike and I found to have breakfast, Yummo. A full report on both events will appear after they happened, DUH!

Hopefully 2012 will be a good year filled with fun activities and returns to old haunts

So a prosperous 2012 to you all and may all your hopes for the future be not too far off


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  1. There were actually 14 episodes of Firefly plus the film of course 🙂

  2. Yes I made a diliberate mistake there, A cookie to Mondrak for spotting it. :o)

  3. hehe. As it happens, I was talking to a couple of people about it the other day which is how I knew there was 14, plus I ordered it a couple of days ago too 🙂

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