Old age is rubbish!

Here we are then, I had a birthday last week, that was nice! My bro and his main squeeze popped up for a visit, there was tea and cake, always good. My sister sent me a card which had a rather lovely photo of my grandson with it. I have to say, probably being biased, he’s rather handsome. I’m quite looking forward to being a grandpa, I can’t wait to have weekends showing him castles and fossils and trips out, I enjoyed doing all those things with Jay and it will be nice to have another run at having my daughter and her family in my life, I have a huge grin as I type that. I suspect that I will spoil the wee fella and infuriate his mum with my efforts.

Herself asked me a few weeks ago what I would like as a birthday present, I mumbled something about a new airbrush and desktop compressor as the travesty that is the GW branded effort is less than useless. After a bit of web trawling herself found a website that sold the bits and pieces and set about ordering it all, My bestest matey contributed to the cost and all was looking good, until it came to the check out process, what the website neglected to mention is that the prices advertised on the site didn’t include VAT, so what we thought would cost around £70 actually came in at £140. I was a bit disheartened as I had built my expectation up a bit. Seeing that I was disappointed Trudes, bless her, decided to have a look on E-bay where she found a set that included not one but two airbrushes, six extra jars a compressor and a hose for just a couple of quid over what she had planned on spending.

It arrived today and it all looks rather brilliant, herself has her eye on using it for her fabric dyes, That sounds like a plan. I, however, am looking forward to getting some models painted, the tanks and drop pods will now be basecoated in no time at all, although I may need a bit of practice first. There’s also a possibility that the GW spray gun failure may be resurrected with a few modifications, Watch this space!

Another birthday was celebrated today, our first Crestie, Uji is a year old, where does the time go? It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was a tiny little bean that could fit in my hand.


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  1. He still curls up like a little bean only it is a slightly bigger little bean. My boy is all growned up :o(

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