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Oh for goodness sake

It’s no secret that I like astronomy, I like collecting fossils, I have an interest in the paranormal, I also like a good conspiracy theory. For some strange reason I’ve been viewing a lot of videos on YouTube that claim to show evidence of ancient civilisations on the moon and Mars. The main problem with 98% of these videos is that they all use the same images as the “evidence” for their claims. In my opinion these videos should all be listed under Entertainment or even comedy. All of the images that are claimed to show either organic or artificial objects can also be explained as natural, whether they are lava tubes, craters, or plain and simple rocks. We can see features on earth that whilst being natural in their origins they are nothing more than that. Why is it that when geological features are found off Earth the crazy people scream “cover up” or “conspiracy”? bot the moon and Mars were geologically active in the distant past and evidence of that is being found today. Why? because the imaging technology has improved and we are able to see these features much more clearly. An example of this is the “Face” on Mars. When I was much much younger I saw the Viking 1 images and I was astounded, now that the area has been imaged by MRO with higher resolution cameras it is clear that the “face” is nothing more than a mountain, oh well, no aliens then. Look at the image below, the bottom right image is from Viking 1 the main image is from MRO. I’ll let you decide.

File:Face on Mars with Inset.jpg













I’ve commented on some of the videos, giving my somewhat more rational opinion of these “strange” features, I’m waiting for one of the video owners to message me claiming that I’m part of the conspiracy and involved in the great cover up, should that happen I will reply.

What puzzles me about all these alien civilisation videos is that they all claim that NASA has altered the original images, it that’s the case how did the undoctored images end up on the web? leaked I suppose! My question to all of the folk that believe this utter twaddle is real would be, why would NASA want to conceal it, what could they possibly have to gain from hiding the existence of ancient cities elsewhere in the solar system? in fact how would anybody benefit from withholding such information? The usual response is “they don’t want us to know!” why? I ask, the well thought out reply is generally “because they don’t!”

Well that’s informative, they may just as well have put a “So there!” on the end just to give it more credibility.

So I’m going to answer the questions myself, Is NASA hiding evidence of ancient intelligent life on the moon or on Mars? No! has intelligent life ever existed on the moon? Only when the Apollo astronauts were there. Has life ever existed on Mars? Possibly but only microscopic form, and single celled life can’t build cities.

ta ta!

I see stupid people

Before you read todays entry go take a look at the video below

You need to watch it on YouTube due to copyright laws


Now I’m all for freedom of speech and people being entitled to an opinion, therefore the chap* that posted this video is free to express their views as they will, but the information presented in the video isn’t just wrong, I suspect that it may also be utter twaddle. In fact I am so convinced of how stupid this video is I felt I had to reply, you can read my response on the videos YouTube page but because youtube limits the length of each reply I had to make a few comments to get my point across. To make things easier, this was my reply:

The Moon is actually around the same age as Earth, the current Earth/Moon was the result of an impact between two, roughly Mars sized objects about 4.5 billion years ago. There are several rocky satellites orbiting the other planets in our Solar System, The only planets that do not have moons are Venus and Mercury, probably because someone stole them. The “smudged” towers are probably something as simple as damage to the imager or corrupt data. The “cities” that appear to have been erased are craters. The “banding that can be seen in the images at 2:14, 2:17, 2:26 & 2:30 are the result of the creation of photo mosaics of hundreds of images taken by artificial satellites such as the LRO, (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) Take a look at the LRO website, some of the images show the Apollo landing sites, Yes they were real! We see terrestrial rock formations that can appear to be plant like when the photo is taken from high orbit with low resolution capture devices. We thought that the moon had seas until we learned that those seas are actually Basalt flood plains caused by meteor impact at a time when the Moon was volcanically active, we know that Mars once had a molten core and had volcanoes, Olympus Mons is the remains of the largest volcano in the solar system, those “water filled lakes” are probably cooled lava. The network of tubes that feature in the video appear to be very similar to lava tubes found in Hawaii and many other areas where the is a high level of volcanic activity as for the fossil evidence, as an amateur paleontologist I have found a great many pieces of rock that I have mistaken for actual fossilized remains, only to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than me. If I can make such a mistake with an object that is in my hand, the eye can be easier fooled by a photo. The “Inca city” appears to be nothing that a geological feature, despite what we’re told at school, straight lines and right angles do occur naturally and quite often. Apologies for the flood of postings on this but YouTube sets a word maximum on posts.

There’s quite a few comments on the page, a lot of them aren’t very polite, some of them are openly offensive not only to the video owner, but also to others that have commented on the video. There’s no need for that really, out of many of the statements made in the video the one that ruins any credibility the video creator had is near the end, NASA & JPL you suck! such a mature turn of phrase.

Sundays aren’t always dull

After the frankly god awful day that was Thursday I really needed a lift, herself mentioned that when she was on the way back from the vet hospital she had told Lukey that she wanted me to go to Astro Club on Friday as it would give her time to reflective on recent event and deal with it all in her own way. So on Friday morning I gathered up my scope and headed off to work and at the end of the day I set off to Ashford where I was met by two of clan Badger and Lukey-boy. At Astro club we had a talk on whether or not the moon landings had been faked, the talk was very well presented by a chap named Denver, it was his first presentation for the club and for a first time he did a sterling job. After the talk some of the members, myself included, headed outside with our scopes for an evenings observing. To be honest the conditions weren’t ideal but I saw Venus in half phase through my scope, through Jasons scope I saw Mars and could make out the polar ice caps and some dark regions. I had a look at the moon and just before the end of the evening I had this years first view of Saturn, so all in all a good night.

Saturday was quiet, a little too quiet with a certain little lady no longer with us. Herself headed out for a few hours to meet up with a lass that she nannied when she was younger, they have stayed in touch over the years, I know that Trudes has a special place in her heart for Liz and I think seeing her helped cheer her up after the week she’s had. I stayed home with the pups and had lots of snuggles which was rather lovely.

Finally Sunday morning arrived and I was met by Mr and Mrs Badger, a chap named Kieth, Luke and Boo and we set off to Dover for a walk to Saint Margarets. The plan was to explore a few holes on the way but the first two, Langdon Deep Shelter and Fan Bay Deep Shelter, eluded us as did a third set of tunnels that are not named. Although we had a good hunt for them we were later told that both Langdon and Fan Bay are virtually covered and unless you know exactly where they are you won’t find them. We had a little more luck with one of the plotting rooms for the South Foreland batteries, but sadly the drop on the inside was a bit too high so we counted that as a loss too. I was just about to start hunting for the entrance to the deep shelter when I spotted a small head appear from a hole in the ground, the deep shelter was easily accessible and well worth the visit, similar in design to the deep shelter at St Martins Battery but I suspect in may be a little deeper.

We stopped for a bit of scoff during which we were temporarily joined by a very handsome Beagle called Charlie, I like Beagles and I would love to have one in our pack but they are hard work and apparently they can get a little stir crazy, so probably not the best choice of pup for us.

After the break for nosh we headed over to the battery where we found that there was an entrance to another plotting room. After a clamber down a 15-20 foot ladder we explored the area and found a small passage that went around the entire complex, so off I set on my run around this passage, as I walked I didn’t notice the metal bars sticking out of the ceiling, the top of my head found them though and after a spot of choice language I completed the explore and headed out. Fortunately Keith is a nurse and he checked my head which wasn’t as bad as it felt and although there was a bit of blood the wound was only small so no need for stitches or anything. After the plotting room we had a bit more of a wander, found one of the magazine stores for the guns and some very beautiful horses one of which had a foal which was extremely handsome.

Finally we headed into Saint Margarets where we waited for a bus back to Dover. OK we got off the bus a bit early and had a fair walk back to the cars, but the chaps were very helpful and pointed out the other bus stops as we got closer to them and we now know that there’s one that means we only have a short walk to the car park if we go there again in the future.

We returned to Folkestone where we said our goodbyes, and I got a bit of a telling off for the head wound, bless her. I’m not sure what’s next for our band of intrepid adventurers but I’ve been told no holes until I get a hard hat! Tee hee.