Monthly Archives: June 2012


Whilst at work last Monday I got a rather worrying call from herself, apparently Ziggy had tried to attack Uji, worrying indeed. I contacted the lady that knows Ziggy well and asked if she’d seen any aggression from him towards any of her other dogs whilst he was there, she said that he had been very well behaved.

So upon arriving home I strapped him into his harness and set off on a walk, I decided that it would be a good idea if I could also start getting him used to travelling on a bus as he’ll need to do this to see the vet. So we jumped on the local service for a short ride to the tennis courts near Martello number 3, then we headed off down to the warren. I took the opportunity to have a play with the GPS app on my phone and tracked our walk. we reached the shore line and I took Ziggy to the water to see how he would react to the waves around his feet, he wasn’t particularly keen. So giving up on taking him paddling we set off along the sea wall toward Samphire Hoe. We met a mini Schnauser and a Saluki called “Piggy”, poor Ziggy didn’t really appreciate the way that Piggy came bounding over to say hello and he showed his displeasure by running away from the poor chap. Piggy wasn’t too bothered by Ziggy not wanting say hello and returned to chasing the black Labrador that he was with. I decided that as he’d been spooked a gentle approach would best suit our fella, so I fussed him, told him not to worry and put his lead on him so that I could walk him past the other dogs. Once there was enough distance between us and them I let him off lead again. Ziggy seems to prefer being off lead, that way he can toddle along at his own pace and sniff the air and scarper if anything scares him, such as other dogs, other people, the plants, the big rocks, the water splashing as it hits the sea wall, the birds, the wind, a train, a tree, a rabbit, a bench and parked cars. I suspect that he may have chicken DNA somewhere in his crestie nature as he’s quite a timid fella and gets spooked very easily. We were walking up a hill when a small pack was heading towards us so I put the lead on and tried to calm the little chap as best as I could. We were soon surrounded by four small dogs, one of which was a very affectionate Springer who insisted that I stroked him, well it would have been rude not to. When the four dogs had gone I started to walk up the slope but Ziggy refused to follow, that is until he saw Piggy at the bottom of the slope. Because he toddles along quite slowly it wasn’t long before Piggy and his owner where within chatting distance, the lady with Piggy apologised for the earlier incident, I said there was no need to do so as no harm was done, and that Ziggy needs to learn to be more sociable with other dogs. Whilst I was talking with Piggys owner I looked down at my boy and noticed that he had what appeared to be pollen caught up in his tail and paw floof. On closer inspection I realised that it wasn’t pollen, Ziggy had, in fact, been very scared of Piggy. So scared that he would need a shower when he got home. The route home would mean walking up the hill to Martello #1, oh dear! but we did it and soon we were back home, Ziggy had his shower and some food along with the other two and settled down for a quiet night, he was knackered poor lad.

Tuesday we headed off again, this time we walked down past tower 1 and up to the tennis courts, both walks were roughly 3 miles, no wonder he was worn out. On Wednesday we returned to the earlier route and walked east along the sea wall. as we walked there was a chap with a metal detector, Ziggy found this rather troubling and since he was off lead he headed in the opposite direction, the real problem here is that I can’t run after him, mainly because that would scare him even more but also because I’m just not built for running. Anyway I finally got to him, put his lead on and walked him past the metal detector bloke, once we were far enough away I let him off again. This was all going well until we saw a chap with a fishing rod, Ziggy didn’t like him for some reason and he ran the other way. Fishing chap was very decent and he stopped walking towards us so that Ziggy lost sight of him and I could get to him and put his lead on. Thursdays walk was pretty much the same distance as Wednesdays walk except that Ziggy added a mile on to it through running away, so a three mile walk became a four mile walk. Friday was Astro club so Zig didn’t get a long walk so I took him out on Saturday. During the walk I decided to have a go at something called Geocaching, it’s a bit like a treasure hunt using a GPS device or enabled phone. We had the location set in and it wasn’t long before we found it, signed the log book and headed home. Monday we headed up into Capel for our second cache and walked back along the cliffs and through the Battle of Britain Memorial and today we headed out along the Leas in the rain for our third. We found todays cache and I left a small doctor who badge in the box. I may revisit the first one soon to leave something in the box as I didn’t have anything worth leaving on the first visit. The are a few more caches that I can visit with Ziggy and I plan on doing my own, well I actually think that I may make the first one I set up Ziggys cache and include a photo of him in the box as when I signed the log books for the first three I signed them from both of us, so I think Ziggy deserves his own geocache. All I need to do is find a good place to put it. I have a couple of locations in mind.