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Time, there’s never enough of it.

Things have been quiet here, mixing in the Ziggy walks, work and other stuff that causes a fella to lose track of upkeeping a blog, My excuse, I had no time! The models that need painting are still in the box and there’s a new rule book that needs reading, guess what, I haven’t had the time. The weather’s been rubbish so I haven’t done much in the way of astronomy, the last two club nights have been cloudy so that was a bit naff.

We’ve had a new addition to the pack, on Saturday 7 July we took charge of a three month old Crestie named Missi, she’s rather adorable and she’s really taken to me and I suspect that she may soon be taking up some of the space that was left by little miss Ronnii Rockit.

On Sunday it was our annual 40k tournament, now on it’s third year it’s still a popular event and the lads were the usual well behaved chaps that behaved brilliantly and it was nice to see the chaps getting along so well.

due to being away from Trudes for two days I took Monday off work and we took Little Missi down to the vets for her vaccinations. On the way home we stopped at the light railway cafe for a quick cuppa. that was when I got a call from my Sister, she said that she had recently had a mail from our American Stepmum saying that our dad had ben taken into hospital and was being kept on oxygen. The thing is with my dad that he’s a bit of a tough cookie, well that’s how I’d come to know him, He rang me a few months ago to say that he’s been diagnosed with lung cancer, he gave me the usual “its nothing to worry about” and “I’ll be ok!” lines. We talked about the chance that he’d be over to visit this September, he said that he would probably be over as he hasn’t seen his sister in a while so a visit was overdue. He said that he looked forward to meeting Trudes and spending some time together, maybe even visiting my sister in Birmingham to sample one of her rather spectacular roast dinners, as he would have said “sounds like a plan!”

On Monday evening my phone rang, it wasn’t a number I recognised but I sort of knew where the call was from, It was my brother Jeff, it was the first time since reuniting with my dad that I’d spoken to Jeff, I only wish that the circumstances were better, Jeff was phoning to tell me that our dad had passed away earlier that day.

Jeff explained that he passed peacefully and in very little pain, this is good to know. He also said that he would keep me updated on the details of the funeral, which is very much appreciated but I think that the chances of me being there are next to impossible, but I shall be thinking of my American Family and although my dad was a tee totaller I will raise a glass in his name on Friday and I will take a moment to reflect on the few memories I have of my dad.

I hope that one day I will get the chance to meet my brothers and they will be able to help me build a fuller picture of my dad, I learnt a lot about him in the short time we were in touch and he was gracious enough to answer some of my questions about my early years, and I’m grateful for that.

So this is a post that is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, I learned that he was a good man and a fair man, he had a wonderful sense of humour and that showed through not only in the short, to short, time we spent together but also in the times we spoke on the phone. we laughed together as Father and son. I hope that there will come a time when I will sit down and my brothers and my little sister will tell me of their lives growing up with what I’m sure was a loving and nurturing father.

In closing I will say rest well Pop, I may not have known as I had wished, But I loved you and I always will.

Top pic is my dad, bottom pic is my dad and Stepmum Claire,