Hello, I know it’s been a while, mainly because nothing of note has happened since my last entry. This week didn’t start off too well, I had Monday and Tuesday off work due to a severe case of nearly being dead. Feeling almost healthy on Wednesday I returned to work and then spent a couple of hours on Wednesday evening painting Necrons. Then the week really picked up, I left for work on Thursday morning loaded down with the Space Marines in anticipation of the fortnightly gaming session. On arrival at the shop I found Mikey waiting and he was soon followed by a chap named Sean and then Dan arrived and we chatted about the forthcoming new releases and the new format of White Dwarf for a bit before getting down to the serious business of playing with toy soldiers. Dan and Sean occupied one table with Seans Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines going against Dans Blood Angels. Whilst on Table 2 My Space Marines set to it against Mikes Orks. Four hours later I managed to pull a win from a near defeat with a 6-5 win. Quite how I managed it is beyond me but it was a win so huzzah! We finished early so I headed off home.

Off to work on Friday, I toyed with the idea of taking the telescope with me, but as it was the last Friday of the month and the recent trend has been cloudy skies, I decided not to bother. For a fleeting moment during the evening I was beginning to regret the decision, but the cloud rolled in and that was that. The talk was presented by Drew and was about the possible discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. The talk was, as is the norm with Drews talks, riveting but it was somewhat brain melting. Since Jimbo and me had to be up at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning so we decided to leave Astro club a little earlier than usual, but it was nice catching up with everyone, including Matt and Kerry.

The reason for the need for an early night, was having to be out of the house by 07:30 to head up to Ashford to catch an 08:30 train to London. I was picked up by Jimbo at the ridiculous hour we had agreed, despite setting my alarm for 07:55, had I relied on the alarm I would have scuppered the day but luckily I managed to be ready and raring to go. So as planned we arrived in Ashford at eight and parked outside casa Chippy. to meet Chippy and Sam. We took a gentle stroll down to the train station where we met up with Andy, the fifth member of our team. Tickets were purchased and we were soon on the train and on our way to our nations capital. From Charing Cross it was a short walk to Embankment to get the tube over to South Kensington. Once we got there it was agreed by all that some form of breakfast was needed so we headed to a small cafe named Cafe Floris. After a hearty breakfast it was a short was to the Natural History Museum. We entered via the Exhibition Road entrance where were immediately accosted by a girly type who could easily have been an extra as a Russian spy from a Bond movie, she was very insistent on checking peoples bags, In fact she was rather scary.

Exploring the museum is always a trill for me, and although I have a set route around the building I always notice something I’ve never seen before. This time it was part of the Darwin Wing. Three of us, me Jimbo and Andy, joined a free your called the Spirit Tour. This is a walk around the wet storage labs. The majority of the specimens in jars of various sizes filled with either industrial alcohol or formaldehyde are from Darwins tenure aboard the Beagle. In fact one of the beasties we saw was actually Charles Darwins pet octopus. The wet storage is home to around 22 million specimens so there’s far to many to list here, but included in the list is a giant squid measuring 8.2 metres in length, a Colossal Squid in the same tank for comparison. There was also a Coelacanth, for those who don’t know, the Coelacanth is a species of lobe finned fish that was believed to be extinct until one was caught of the coast of South Africa in the 1930s. Unfortunately they live quite deep so the chances of seeing a live one are quite remote, unless it’s on the telly.

A bit more wandering around the museum, Including the dinosaur gallery where I took a little time to once again ponder the life of the Tyrannosaur that the skull on display once belonged to. until it was all too soon time to leave. Sam and Chippy had left us just before we toured the wet storage as they wanted to visit the V&A. We met up with them in Covent Garden where we visited a hostelry known as The White Swan where a pint of Doom Bar was most welcome. Pints enjoyed and it was off to Eds Easy Diner for grub, for me it was butterscotch milkshake, with a cheese burger with chips, onion rings and a pot of coleslaw. The salad was removed from the burger to prevent further contamination of the meat with green stuff, although I thought it best I showed willing and munched on the salad, I did draw the line at the dill pickle though. My meal was followed by a stack of buttermilk pancakes with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, oh sweet joy! We left Eds and headed of toward what can only be described as an alley, this alley featured a couple of shops that sold good that can only be described as interesting, and although what they sold is advertised as toys, I never saw a single Transformer or nerf gun. Although there were a few items that were remote control, the mind boggles, but it would make for an interesting walk through town with your girly type (ooer)

Eventually we made our way back to Charing Cross to catch the train home, arriving home at 23:45.

By the end of the day and three very fun filled days and evenings I was absolutely shattered, the original plan had been to spend Sunday trying to find and explore a couple of deep shelters on the east side of Dover, but given the fact that I was knackered and the weather hadn’t been too great over the last couple of days I decided to cancel the event, apologies to the chaps that were going to come along for that but I really don’t think I could have managed it, I hate being old. It really was a case of the mind being willing but the body being broken.

I have the following week off work, I don’t know what I’m doing with it, there may be a cinema trip on Wednesday, other than that it’s pretty much a blank space to fill. I’m covering the shop on Saturday so that’s something to look forward to, and around the middle of the month I’m going on the Winchelsea Cellar Tour which should be interesting.


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  1. I got to take my kids back up to London to go to the museums. Specifically the natural History Museum

  2. After a hearty breakfast it was a short was to the Natural History Museum………………………. hmmmm a short WAS to the NHM , me thinks someone did not proof read before posting………………lol

  3. Exploring the museum is always a trill for me………………….. whats a trill pray tell ……………lol

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