Monthly Archives: December 2012

ta da!

Well here I am with another of my intermittent posts, the reason for the long gaps between posts? predominantly because not very much exciting happens regularly in my mundane and ordinary life, particularly in the winter months.

I had a couple of firework evenings at the beginning of November, one at a friends house which was rather brilliant, the other was a bonfire parade at Rye. If I’m honest I enjoyed the friends event much more enjoyable than the organised event in Rye.

I’ve been been doing a lot of model painting, readers who follow the Project Necron will be all too aware of that.

On the Wednesday just gone (12/12/12) I finally got to see Skyfall, I was blown away at the cinema for two reasons. Primarily the film was spectacular, every inch a Bond film and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. The second reason for my shocked reaction was the cost of the grub. I like toffee popcorn and I really enjoy a pack whilst watching a film. So before going into the screen room to settle down with my popcorn I went to buy a pack, Cineworlds own brand, NOT butterkist. The lass behind the counter slapped the pack on the counter and rang it through and then happily announced that a bag of popcorn would set me back £3.95, I almost choked and I had to ask if she was sure about the price? she confirmed that the price was indeed correct, I pointed out the fact that I could buy three packs of a better quality popcorn in any supermarket for the price the cinema was asking. the young lady expressed her view on this with a rather exaggerated shrug and asked if I still wanted the popcorn, at £3.95 I would give it a miss. the lack of popcorn didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the film and I have no issue with buying my popcorn elsewhere and smuggling it in for future trips.

Something that I am really looking forward to is Friday December 21, those in the know are aware that a bunch of looneys have got into their heads that world will end on this date, so over the next couple of days I plan to write a post dedicated to all those poor chaps who are going to wake up on Saturday morning very disappointed.

well that’s enough drivel for now