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Just a quick rant

Throwing my two pence worth in on the Clarkson thing.

There are other presenters that have been racist, bigoted, rude to their guests, made abusive phone calls, sworn on live TV, threatened people, in fact a fair few have been as “outspoken” as Jeremy Clarkson, if not worse, but this is Clarkson so let the witch hunt begin, Madonna has a fall at the brits, clearly Clarkson’s fault. Clarkson is used by the BBC when they want something controversial said, because that’s what he does best, when he does his thing the BBC clap their collective hands to their cheeks and act all shocked and surprised. Look at the history of complaints made about Top Gear and it’s considerably less than complaints about an idiotic East Enders storyline, as for the complaints about Clarkson in particular, compare them to the amount received for any other one person and they are considerably less. this year’s celebrity big brother received more complaints in three weeks than Top Gear has in 14 years, in fact most of the complaints were made by people riding the Clarkson hate bus, As if Joe public is going to drive a 4×4 across the arctic and drink gin, glamorises drinking and driving my arse, the majority of truck drivers found the change gear, check mirror thing amusing, people complaining about a tree should think themselves lucky that they have nothing more to worry about, Clarkson’s English, can every English person honestly admit the they haven’t had a dig at the French, the Germans or the Argentinians, I know have, and I will continue to do so.

Richard Hammond suffered severe injuries and was close to death due to a high speed crash, his friends dealt with their concerns the only way that good friends should, they took the piss, and Clarkson and May were so relieved that their friend was back with them that they hid their concerns with humour, a natural and human reaction.

So what if Clarkson can be a bit of a knob? Surely we are all guilty of that? Just because he appears on the telly doesn’t mean he isn’t human. We have come to expect our public figures to behave a certain way and when they behave like a person we blame Clarkson
If we continue to put these people on pedestals, we just give them further to fall.